September 24, 2020

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    Ford will use Mustang name for electric SUV

    Ford Motor will use the Mustang name, which was reserved for a muscle car, for an electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) that consumers in the United States, Canada, and Europe can start ordering on November 17, the company stated on Thursday. Ford verified its new electric SUV will be called the Mustang Mach-E ahead of […]

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    Ford F-150 Obtains 0% for 60 Months Financing

    Ford’s F-150 is the top-selling automobile in the United States. For some factor, the number two vehicle business in America has actually begun to provide 0% APR for 60 months on it. Of course not is not as aggressive as some 72-month or 84-month loans, it is very aggressive for an automobile with an estimated […]


    Classic Design Concepts unveils the Bad Penny Mustang for SEMA

    Classic Design Concepts has recently announced its plans to introduce their Bad Penny Mustang at SEMA. Featuring a black and copper exterior paint, the car comes equipped with features that include a new front bumper, a revised grille and aerodynamic side skirts. The coupe also comes fitted with a rear spoiler and 20-inch Forgiato super […]

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    2014 Roush Mustang Launched

    Roush has launched the 2014 Mustang series recently and the custom car specialist offer many tuning possibilities for the car which were not available earlier. Talking about Roush story, 2014 Ford Mustang GT comes with a base price of $30,750 and destination charge of $795. Roush offers Stage Three Kit which is priced at $17,000 […]

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    2015 Ford Mustang, with New Platform

    The 2015′ Mustang is going to appear as having S550 platform, unlike the S197 moniker, regard fifth generation. So it’s good to see that Ford will present a new platform in 5 decades. Although there’s no details regarding the look of the this new car, nor any sales details that where it will be released. […]

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    Lincoln working on a Mustang-based coupe

    In one of the major news across the Automobile world, it is being said that Lincoln‘s revival plans could include a rear-wheel drive coupe based on the Ford Mustang. The latest reports claim that, Lincoln Motors, would be working on a Mustang based Coupe, which would help the brand to survive in the cut throat […]

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    Ford Mustang-lineup Previewed for SEMA

    At the upcoming SEMA Ford is Showcasing their Customized Mustang Line up, which are as follows: 1. 2013 Mustang GT– A 5.0L V8 engine mated to a Six-Speed Manual Transmission, built by Ringbrothers, which features, a supercharger, suspension upgrades, Baer brakes, a carbon-fiber body kit, custom waterborne paint, and big wheels and tires to create […]


    SR Auto Ford Mustang American Dream Project

    SR Group- For over a decade, SR Auto Group has been incorporating its refined style into luxury and exotic vehicles. Our philosophy is reflected through our sound customer service, environment, and most importantly, our signature work. Well this time,its The American Dream-The Ford Mustang. Which has been a symbol of America’s contribution to the development […]


    2013 Ford Mustang GT Interior

    For other articles regarding the 2013 Mustang GT, please check out: ‎ In order to top its rivals, the new Mustang GT gets the latest technology, both in the engine, and the on the inside. We’ll describe the engine in another article, and we will now focus on the interior. The cabin isn’t that […]


    2013 Ford Mustang GT Exterior

    This article only goes over the exterior design of the 2013 Ford Mustang GT. Please visit the following links for more information regarding this particular car: The Ford Mustang GT has always been some kind of border between muscle car and sports car. With its exterior design that exhales muscle-car-aggressiveness through each and […]


    2013 Ford Mustang GT Technical Specifications

    We covered the interior and exterior design of the new Ford Mustang GT, so we will give you a review of its technical specifications and performance as well. For the other articles please visit these links: ‎ The new Mustang GT is powered by a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that is capable of delivering 420 […]


    2015 Ford Mustang Concept – Initial Information and Photos

    Marking Ford’s 50th anniversary, the 2015 Ford Mustang is expected to come with an entirely new design, highly improved performance and better fuel economy. This car is expected to be revealed at the 2014 New York Motor Show, and to go on sale later that same year. The 2005 Ford mustang did a good job […]


    50th Anniversary Shelby GT500 SuperSnake

    Shelby released their 50th Anniversary Shelby GT500 SuperSnake, 50th GT350 and 50th GTS. The GT500 comes with the same amazing power of 750 horsepower that comes from a 5.0L supercharged V6, that can be configured to output as much as 800 horsepower. The 50th anniversary Mustang-based GT500 SuperSnake gets badges stitched pretty much everywhere on […]


    2012 Shelby Mustang GT500 SuperSnake

    As the 2011 version of the Mustang sold out so quickly we expect this year’s model to do the same – especially because this Mustang is a lot more powerful. The exterior design will not suffer major changes, but the magic happens under the hood: the engine will be a 5.4L supercharged V8 capable of […]


    Car Crash: Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Ended Up Into A Tree

    Mustang’s fans beware because the following details might shock you. After he tasted “a few beers” (ten, to be more exactly) a 35-year-old man decided to put his newly-acquired track-ready Mustang at a test on a local street, but things went not as the owner wanted considering that he lost control, clobbered a Jeep Grand Cherokee and caromed into […]

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