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2013 Ford Mustang GT Interior

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In order to top its rivals, the new Mustang GT gets the latest technology, both in the engine, and the on the inside. We’ll describe the engine in another article, and we will now focus on the interior.

The cabin isn’t that different from previous models: the seats are still leather-wrapped with contrasting-stitched steering wheel that adds an extra little bit of styling to the interior. The seating is arranged in a 2+2 system. The Recaro seats are optional, and cost $1,595. They add plenty of support for the passengers or driver, and bring the benefit of factory side airbag protection.

The most important change brought to the interior is the new 4.2-inch LCD screen placed between the speedometer and the tachometer. This screen provides the driver information about trip mileage, fuel economy, tracks that are playing, G force, acceleration and others.

The Shaker Pro sound system is said to be able to make bass sounds lower than the human ear can hear. It gets nine speakers, including two that are aimed at the passenger for a full concert experience. If you don’t want to pay extra for this exquisite sound system, don’t worry: the sound of the engine is more than satisfying, and a lot of the times you would find yourself deactivating the sound system anyway, just to hear that roar.

That’s about everything there is to know about the interior of this muscle/sports car. Stay tuned for other reviews from speedlux.com.

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