SR Auto Ford Mustang American Dream Project

SR Group-

For over a decade, SR Auto Group has been incorporating its refined style into luxury and exotic vehicles. Our philosophy is reflected through our sound customer service, environment, and most importantly, our signature work.

Well this time,its The American Dream-The Ford Mustang.

Which has been a symbol of America’s contribution to the development of the automotive scene. With a legacy longer than most cars, it was their duty to bring this classic machine to the 21st century levels of of Perfection and Craftsmanship!

They began with the wheels and suspension. Mustangs have been known to put down some serious power, so they decided that a set of 18? wheels would suit this car the best. With a 18? wheel, they were able to increase the profile of the tire to provide more traction.
Along with a new set of wheels and tires, they installed a set of H&R lowering springs to lower the Mustang’s center of gravity. The handling was immediately more responsive and direct due to the drop.

When it came to the performance of the Mustang, they opted for a simple Magnaflow catback exhaust system.The system freed up the airflow while giving this beast a nice growl.The throttle response was a tad slow, To resolve that issue, they installed a sprint booster. This significantly increased the throttle response giving the driver more control over this machine.

The silver Mustang is painted with black stripes is fitted with a set of 18-inch Niche Circuit wheels in matte black. They contribute to the enhanced styling, which is also complemented by the aero kit and the sports grille, among other things.

Ford Mustangs are actual chunk of American Muscle, with this new American Dream Project, this is for sure going to be “the thing” of cars!

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