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Lotus Evora gets a reprieve in the US, will return in 2016

Lotus is famous for their high range of cars that are with a number of design features that are far better and posing several benefits as a sedan and also as a car for sports usage. Recently there is no new news from the manufacturer about the car since there are a number of other models from them are being dropped where they told that they are going to come back with the new features. Although Lotus Evora will be available in several countries all over the world, it is told that the particular model alone will be reprieved from US.

The reason why they have taken back this model temporarily is that there are a number of flaws found with the car that are not compliant with the standards that are laid by the government in road safety.

To make sure that they are able to deliver the best and secured car to their customers, they planned to debug various flaws that are experienced by customers. For this, they stopped the delivery of Lotus Evora in United States. However other models from lotus will still be in trend. It is said that it takes one year until their re-launch, but no official words yet.

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