Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition Revealed, Called ‘Fastest Exige in History’

by SpeedLux
Images of Lotus Exige 350

Lotus seems to have done something interesting with its latest limited edition car, the Exige 350 Special Edition.

Lotus has taken a present rather vicious track-focused car, the Exige, and put it on a fad diet. The resulting special edition which is limited to just 50 examples around the world, pointers the scales at 1,099 kg, implying that it now has a 314 hp per tonne power to weight ratio, a 0-100km/ h time of 3.9 seconds and having a top speed of 170 miles per hour (274 km/h).

However, with all Lotus vehicles, straight line performance is secondary. One of the factors this car will be somewhat slower off the mark than other collectible cars in the very same EUR82,000 ($91,667) cost bracket is because of its assorted front and rear spoilers that boost downforce. At 100 miles per hour the vehicle’s freshly designed nose, louvered back and rear wing spoiler collaborate to create 42 kg of grip and track-hugging downforce.

“The Lotus Exige is the quickest point-to-point sports car on the road; nothing can match its levels of available efficiency and grip,” stated Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Group Lotus plc. The car’s reason for being is to celebrate 50 years at the company’s present Hethel, Norfolk site therefore it’s fitting that the new model is the fastest Exige in history to lap the Lotus Hethel Track, needing simply 1 minute 29.8 seconds. “It is a real beast that needs taming but it won’t bite back,” stated Gales.

Unlike light-weight Lotus designs of the past, this Exige has actually shed the pounds without completely ditching comforts. The seats are carbon fiber, the wheels forged from a lighter alloy, the equipment shift (six-speed manual only) is exposed and the battery is lithium ion instead of lead oxide.

However there’s still Alcantara trim, some sound proofing, flooring mats as well as cruise control for those journeys back from the track when your feet require a break from heel-toe clutch and acceleration operation. Although the infotainment system is optional.

The Lotus Exige 350 Special Edition is the 3rd and last 50th-anniversary design that the automaker is preparing to mark its anniversary, joining with the already sold out Evora 400 Hethel Edition and Elise 250 Special Edition.

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