Lotus launches “Evija” the first British full-electric hypercar

Lotus under the ownership of Geely have finally launched their first full-electric zero emission hypercar. Evija ( pronounced ‘Evv-eye-ah’ ) means the ‘first in it’s existence’ and rightly so. The 2000hp two-seater is not meant for the mass population.The sheer price tag of 1.5 million pounds ( plus local taxes) proves that. Lotus is producing just 150 of them in total. Evija, Lotus’ first electric hypercar, is of great importance to them for the reason that, with this car they step into a new era.

The car promises a 250 mile range, 0-62mph in three seconds and a top speed of over 200mph. It is well built, it does not lack in technology and is also an aesthetic marvel, as reported by the people who have been to the launch event in London.

The car takes inspiration from likes of racing cars where Lotus have been an integral part over the years, aerospace, natural forms and the opportunity which the electric power-train has provided them. The high performance cars needs a lot of down-force. The car uses Le Man’s car trends as said by head of design, Russell Carrr. This focuses on managing airflow by the surface of the car as well as through the car. The battery is the best feature in the car for sure. It has a 2 megawatt peak power (2000HP output). When running at 1.4 megawatt, it produces something more than 1900hp from its 70 KWt battery. Each of its 4 motors produce 50Hp

This car brings about the design mentality which Lotus wants to put forward. This philosophy will take them further into launching many more E vehicles with Evija being the first one. Lotus officials have said that the car is meant “for the drivers”. It will surely be the basis they follow in the upcoming years.

The Evija is indeed a car to watch out for. Lotus have also planned to launch different cars following the same philosophy. Cars which normal people can also afford. It’s surely a new step into the future for the automobile giants

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