You may have to pay £20 a day soon if you drive a diesel car

diesel cars

Drivers of diesel cars could quickly be struck by a new charge of as much as ₤ 20 ($24.87) a day.

Preparations for a so-called ‘toxin tax’ will be unveiled by Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom to punish air pollution.

It reports about 35 towns and cities will have prohibition on diesel and industrial vehicles, day-to-day charges on them entering the busiest locations, or a mixture of the two.

Up to 10 million cars could be impacted in cities consisting of Leeds, Southampton, Nottingham and Derby.

Councils in each location would speak on the information, and more recent diesel cars would reportedly be left out.

A source noted the Department for Environment, Food and Rurul affairs (Defra) “did not recognize”, however strategies will be revealed “in due course”.

It follows debated calls for a scrappage plan to phase out polluting diesel automobiles.

Regardless of pressure the move was not revealed in Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring Budget.

However the small print did show ministers are taking a look at the proper tax treatment of diesel vehicles.

This caused fears of tax hikes for diesel automobiles in the Autmn Budget.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling likewise indicated a crackdown by cautioning people need to think long and tough prior their purchase of a diesel vehicle.

Asked whether drivers ought to be reluctant before buying a diesel, Mr Grayling stated: “People need to take a long, hard consideration about exactly what they require, about where they’re going to be driving, and ought to make best endeavors to buy the least polluting vehicle they can.

“I don’t believe diesel is going to disappear but someone who is purchasing an automobile to drive around a busy city may think about purchasing a low-emission automobile instead of a diesel.”

A Defra source said: “We don’t acknowledge the figures or these numbers.

“Our objective is to publish our plans in due course”.

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