Morgan Plus E – Revealed in Geneva

Morgan is one of those car manufacturers that doesn’t like change. They still produce early 20th century designed 3 wheel vehicles that are powered by old-type V-8s. When they unveiled the Plus E, everyone was in a bit of a doubt, since this car is unlike your usual Morgan: it is a glimpse into the future.

Of course, Morgan didn’t give up on its characteristic vintage design, instead it changed the materials that go into this car and the engine that powers it. Let’s start with what’s less important. The Plus E is now built entirely from aluminum, and doesn’t use any recycled wood any more (as with a lot of other Morgans).

The other important feature of the new Plus E is its engine: this sports car is entirely electric. That’s right: an electric sports car Morgan – now you’ve seen everything. The 94 horsepower Zytek electric motor is said to get the car to 60 in just 6 seconds, which is quite impressive for a 94 HP electric power source. Torque is estimated at 221 lb-ft. The top speed is around the value of 115 mph, and the range is set to 120 miles.

Morgan wants to show that a zero-emission sports car can be just as fun as a regular one, and it seems like they’ve accomplished their goal.

Sounds like this car is an ideal sports car for an extravagant, environment-lover that is ready to pay top dollar for a very modern Morgan; the problem is that Morgan hasn’t yet confirmed that this car will go into production yet. According to the British it might become available for purchase if the concept in Geneva gets enough interest.

Until they decide whether or not they’ll manufacture this vehicle, we won’t know what kind of price it will come with, nor will we get an estimated recharge time.

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