The new 2012 BMW 3-Series

A smaller sedan being a company’s best car is a case seldom seen. The BMW may market its 7 series as their most luxurious set of wheels but the 3 series is still sitting pretty at the top of all BMW sedans. The styling of the 3 series is classy and may look vintage compared to the new flashy designs of BMW, but it has a charm of its own. It has also bagged several awards at many an international auto expos.

The BMW 3-series is not a new player in the market, it has been there since the year 1975. It gained prominence in 1992, when it bagged the 1st of the 19 successive Car and Driver Ten Best Awards that it has won. In 2006, it won the car of the year, gaining the numero uno position among all sedans. It has also won the International Engine of the year award for its twin turbocharged 3 liter engine.

Thus whenever a new sedan is launched by BMW, it is not compared to its predecessor but with the 3-series. The new set of wheels must bring about a revolution and not just an evolution to take on the best BMW sedan. BMW launches its new series in 2012 and everyone is expecting just such a thing.

Source: topspeed

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