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New Beijing Auto Weiwang S60 SUV

The New Beijing Auto Weiwang S60 SUV to debut in Shanghai Auto Show

This is the new Beijing Auto Weiwang S60, a brand-new SUV with a tremendously glossy grille. The S60 is the new flagship of the Weiwang brand name, it will debut on the Shanghai Auto Show this year in April and release on the Chinese car market in H2.

Weiwang is a brand that comes under Beiqi Yinxiang Automobile, a joint venture between Beijing Auto (Beiqi) and the Yinxiang Motorcycle from Chongqing. This joint venture also sells the Huansu brand. All their automobiles are based upon present Beijing Auto platforms.

The Weiwang S60 seems to have been based on the Beijing Auto Senova X65. Cost for the X65 begins at 98,800 yuan ($14,383) and ends at 149.800 yuan ($21,808). Power stems from a 177hp 2.0 turbo, jointed to a five-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. The S60 will have the similar engine and boxes, however it will be slightly more affordable.

The Weiwang brand is targeted at younger vehicle purchasers in 2nd and 3rd tier cities, a hot sector of the marketplace at the moment. It gets a hip interior with a great deal of red, large touch screen, and a fashionable hammer-shaped gear lever.

Rear lights and bumper look attractive, far better than the X65.

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