New Ford EcoSport 1.5 Diesel Ambiente

People are once comfortable about the small models in cars where they find that they are stylish and a fashion icon. The trend has now changed a lot among many people where they found out that the small model cars are not much useful. Due to this now several large models of cars are available with various car manufacturers. SUV is the latest comer in this series where many people are interested more about them. Ford has made their entry with a new model of Ford EcoSport diesel, which is an add-on in the ford’s most successful model of fiesta.

Upgrading the regular model of fiesta to have a sports look, they changed various things from the regular model. With latest TDCi engine, this Ford EcoSport diesel can save more fuel by burning the fuel within the engine axle, which imparts more acceleration at the time of start up. It can be regarded as a best in class model of SUV in diesel since they can provide more mileage than other models of SUV, which are mostly based on petrol engine. With latest eco boost engine, emissions from the engine are reduced to a great extent, preserving environment in a better manner.

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