Bookings Started For New Hyundai Elite I20

No more longing to see the first outlook of Hyundai Elite i20 which got revealed recently. The designs found sharing similarities with Grand i10 and Hyundai Xcent. Elite i20 gets released on 11 August, 2014 fulfilling more expectations of consumers. Most of its designs like low mounted grille, upside down turned headlights included with metals offer great outlook appearance. The car looks more European with all sporty look. The interior space of the car is expected to be spacious and comfortable as the design promises. As we know from various Hyundai products, the company is known for offering various equipments installed in the top model cars with high pricing. As Hyundai considers its Elite i20 as Quo, almost all car equipments have been loaded inside. Definitely, the pricing would be higher than expected positively we believe.

So far engine has not undergone any changes. What you see the engine in current car is simply replicated in Elite i20 with smooth running ability. Elite i20 competes strongly with Maruti Swift, recent car from Volkswagen Polo and an upcoming car from Fiat ‘Punto Evo’, etc. Among these competitors, Elite i20 strongly competes with Maruti Swift. Bookings have already been started for Hyundai Elite i20 on August 1, 2014.

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