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New Lotus Models Underway, Lighter and Faster

The British automaker Lotus, which is now under the possession of Proton, a Malay automaker, has always been so popular with compact sports car for years. Unfortunately, the company has not managed to create anything spectacular within the past few years. Of course, this is not good for its reputation. Thankfully, the company has once again stepped up in the auto industry. According to Jean-Marc Gales, the company’s new chief executive officer (CEO), as reported by the Car and Driver, the company will once again build an exciting sports car.

Gales also apologized as he claimed that the 911 by Porsche had been nothing but the same old concept that had lasted for half a century. According to Gales, all that Porsche has ever done with its 911 lineups is simply developing, redeveloping and then enhancing the model. That, Gales says, is what Lotus is going to do, too, in the future with its very own sports car lineups. After all, Gales believes that a lot of people out there want something from Lotus that is similar to its previous generation models.

Gales also adds that the automaker will revise its portfolio by building models that are even lighter and faster than the company’s former models. As Gales puts it, most of their concepts are actually modern. Gales claims that even the 4C from Alfa Romeo is only about 8 pounds lighter than the old Lotus Elise which is now 17 years old. The one from Italy features a carbon tub, by the way. Yet, even then, Gales claims that together, he and Lotus will strive to produce cars that are lighter, faster and have better precision on the roads. Also, one thing that is very interesting is that Gales has confirmed that in the future, it will be easier for people to get into and out of the Lotus sports cars. For information, some people posted on YouTube before that they could not even get into a Lotus Elise, let alone get out of it.

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