New Toyota Prius: Wald International adds skirts, rims to the model

Images of Toyota Prius

Finally, Wald International reveals an aftermarket set for the world’s best-selling hybrid.

Sportier automobiles like the Tesla Model S have actually had no problem attracting the work of bodykit tuners. Lastly, though, a company has actually stepped up to bring some bling-y plannings to the Toyota Prius. Japan-based Wald International has a bodykit that has actually reduced the world’s very popular hybrid, enlarged the wheels and, in general, has actually made the design a fair bit funkier.

Utilizing stuff from plastics maker ABS, Wald International has included facilities such as a front “half-spoiler” and huge-‘ol alloy rims. Side steps, rear spoilers and skirts, and headlight covers are likewise part of the pack that doesn’t necessarily make the model any faster although at least things are more aerodynamic and sportier. We’ll need to wait for someone to add three-wheeled movement, but for anyone who imagined of a low-rider Prius, this is more than a couple of steps in the best direction.

Previously this year, there were reports about Wald International’s aftermarket deal with a bodykit for the Mercedes AMG GT. That Black Bison bodykit had previously been utilized on luxury models such as the Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

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