New tuned 2010 Bmw X6 M from Alsa Automotive Engineering

by Alex

Alsa Automotive Engineering has recently unveiled a tuning package for the BMW X6 M. The tuner is based out of the Abu Dhabi. The automobile company has tweaked the performance that enables the car to deliver up to 724 PS i.e. about 533 kW or 714 bhp of peak power.

Mohammed Al Sayegh, the CEO of the, Alsa Automotive Engineering has reported to have announced that they achieved this without modifying the engine’s displacement and still achieving higher performance. He also mentioned to WCF that the Nowack Motors had to displace the engine leading to the X6 M to produce about 715 PS i.e. 526 kW or 705 bhp of power performance. Al Sayegh further added that Nowack Motors accomplished the performance by increasing the car’s engine capacity to 4.8 liter instead of maintaining the original 4.4-liter engine capacity.

This tuning package as offered by Alsa Automotive Engineering comprises of upgraded turbo compressor wheels. The tuning package is also available for the X5 M. Engineers went on to modify the engine control unit and installation of high-flow catalytic converters and straight pipes resulting in the new turbo components expanding the pressure up to 1.8 bar. The experiment delivered 32% increase in engine power.

The tuning package also enhances the torque level to a maximum of 945 Nm or 697 ft-lb. The tuned engine therefore makes the SUV to sprint to speeds of 100 km/h from standing still in just about 3.8seconds. The car reaches its maximum speeds of 200 km/h in over 14.6 seconds only. However, Alsa Automotive claimed that the SUV will be able to run at speeds of 325 km/h i.e. 202 mph of top speed. Al Sayegh, the CEO, also declared the Alsa Automotive Engineering is the “first and only” company to have launched such a package. He added that, the new tuning package would effectively alter the turbo’s to make the car run higher boost on stock engine.

Alsa Automotive’s BMW X6 M tuning package costs about 68,000 United Arab Emirate Dirham. The euro pricing would approximate to over €15,086 while in USD it would cost about $18,514.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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