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The Newly Introduced Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni (LP550-2)

Lamborghini is one of the top most brand names amongst car lovers. They use to provide a number of tremendous riding cars to their customers. After a short interval of time Lamborghini use to introduce its latest model in front of its customers. This is one of the biggest strategies of Lamborghini that they use to revise their models. For that reason, they are always able to fulfill the needs of their customers. In 2010 it has newly introduced the special “Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni” to their customers. It model number is LP550-2. This is a bit different from the previous model of LP560-4.

There are a number of the features of this tremendous LP550-2 model of Lamborghini. They are helpful in categorizing this newly introduced car, in the top ranked cars. The engine of the Krakatoa is being used in it. This is reliable and durable for a longer period of time. This is helpful in grasping the attention of the people, from wherever you will take this car. Ceramic brakes are being used in it; these are helpful in grabbing them, at the time of need easily. It gives a special control to the driver to drive conveniently on the road.

LP550-2 is just similar to the Lambo. This car will soon be used in a number of the sports activities. This is because of the beautiful looks and shiny features which it inhibits in itself. This is available at very reasonable prices in the market. These prices seem to be affordable to a number of the people, as compared to the other cars. In order to save the weight, this tremendous LP550-2 will be using the wheels rarely. Through that, this will be having 10 fewer ponies as compared to all the other models of the Lamborghini.


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