Next BMW 7 Series lineup to include an all-electric car

BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car

BMW’s next-generation Series 7 luxury sedan models will be including an all-electric version. The German automaker has announced at a press conference that the next 7 Series vehicles will come in four versions, 1) a gasoline-burning engine, 2) a diesel version, 3) a plug-in hybrid, 4) a fully electric car.

Oliver Zipse, BMW’s Chairman of the Board of Management, informed that the all-electric version will be the most powerful in these four.

Zipse stated that BMW’s goal is to have different drive technologies coexist together with one other. By 2023, the company is aiming to offer 25 types of electric vehicles, possibly including the electrified 7 Series. It’s also preparing for the launch of the all-electric iX3 crossover, which won’t be available in the US market, and the i4 electric sedan.

The zero-emission 7 Series model will be controlled by BMW’s fifth-generation electric technology — the same one that will power the i4. The next 7 Series cars don’t have a confirmed launch date yet, but since the current generation won’t go out of production until 2022, we will have to wait for some years.

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