No Heat in Your Car? Here’s Why!

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In cold days, we, the owner of the cars, understand the value of the heater in the car. When shivering days come in winter, we find some comfort while traveling with our cars. 

What if there is no heat inside the car?

Well. If there is no heat in the car, without calling on a mechanic, you should try first to observe what has happened. As the owner of a car, you should be some skills to mend some problems in your car. There may be several reasons for having no heat in your car. Though spare cars have the problem most, German spares and Audi Spares are more convenient than other out there in the market.

However, let me discuss why in your car there is no heat and possible solutions to the problems.

Before starting your day with your favorite car, you should check the heating system of your car to be sure whether it is working properly or not. Cold weather can be one of the cause for this nuisance if you check other issues step by step, you will be likely to find out the problem.

Your car’s coolant may not be working properly

Before you go to check the coolant whether it is working properly or not, make sure the engine is cold. Otherwise, you may have some burn injuries. If you are not experienced with your car’s engine, you should see the manual to find out the coolant because you can only find it easily if you own a BMW car. However, after finding the coolant out, your next step is to check its reservoir. If the reservoir looks greenish or pinkish, your coolant is okay. But if you see none of the marks, you may find a problem in your coolant.

There is a high and low point in the coolant. And, it should be at the highest point when your car is on the go. There is also a blowing fan, which blows out the warmed air to the cabin. But, it is a matter of the fact that all car does not have a coolant. If there is no coolant, you have to go for the radiator.

Replace the radiator cap 

Safety first- here. The radiator cap may be too hot to touch. And if you touch without any protection, your hand may burn. So, be careful when you take steps to open the radiator cap. Remove the cap and keep it aside to observe if there is any coolant. If you do not see any coolant there, you should take some measures to solve the issue by calling a mechanic near you. You can buy it from a nearby shop to fix the issue.

Your car’s thermostat may be stuck

It can be one of the issues for your car’s heater is not working properly. Sometimes, the thermostat gets stuck, but the thermostat regulates a car’s coolant temperature. For some reasons, it may not work properly. As a result, it does not stop and keeps moving. As a result, the coolant also moving and gets cold to colder. Then it circulates cold air instead of the hot temperature inside the car.

Some specialist advice that when there is no heat in the car, it should be wise to replace the thermostat for some reasons including hose leaks, overheats, radiator leaks, or other possible problems.

The heater core may be problematic

Though heater core is a tiny part of a car’s engine, it can be damaged or have some problems. The air, along with dust, can block the heater core. In this case, you should flip up the coolant to get it back in its action. If your car runs well just after doing so, then you should think you are lucky enough. Otherwise, you have to spend a lot on this problem. 

This tiny part can be leaked as well or it may be junked up for several reasons. If you see that, the heater core is in problem, all you find that a wet floor in your car. A mechanic can fix the issue not permanently. On the other hand, if you can replace the heater core, it will cost you money and labor, but you will receive a way more life and issue-free car than ever.

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