Norway is Leading in Electric Car Market Share

by SpeedLux
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Electric automobiles represented practically one in five brand-new vehicles registered in Norway in 2014, a market share unparalleled throughout the world many thanks largely to consumer rewards only a few nations could match.

Practically 26,000 zero emission autos– every one of them electric besides 9 hydrogen cars– were registered in 2014 in the Scandinavian nation, out of an overall of 150,700 private new autos, according to the Information Council for Road Traffic.

That took the electrical automobile market share to 17.1 per cent, up from 12.5 per-cent in 2014.

“Norway has an incredibly crucial function. It is the North Star for what is taking place in the remainder of the world” in the field, stated Christina Bu of the Norwegian Association for Electric Cars.

The Scandinavian nation, which ironically takes pleasure in abundant riches from its North Sea oil and gas reserves, offers countless motivations to urge car-buyers to choose tidy vehicles.

While conventional automobiles are greatly strained, electric car proprietors benefit from almost overall tax obligation exemptions, making them far more competitively priced.

The electrical version of the Volkswagen Golf, one of the most preferred zero emission vehicle sold in Norway in 2013, retails for 254,000 kroner (26,350 euros, $28,300), much cheaper than the comparable diesel version cost 327,000 kroner.

Thanks to the tax breaks, around two-thirds of the electrical Golfs made by Volkswagen are sold in Norway. The country is likewise the second-biggest market, behind the United States, for the Tesla S, a United States luxury car is regularly seen on the streets of Oslo.

Electric automobile drivers likewise appreciate other rewards, such as exceptions on roadway tolls, and also, under specific problems, making use of cumulative transport streets and free parking.

Oslo will also shortly open what is likely to be the world’s biggest electrical car parking area, with 86 recharging stations offered at zero cost.

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