The Nurburgring Now Belongs to a Russian

by SpeedLux

For petrolheads, when they hear the term Nurburgring, they will think about high speed racing action as well as performance test center for upcoming models from the world’s car manufacturers. A lot of automakers out there usually try to push their upcoming vehicle models to the limit on this particular track before they officially release the model into the global markets. This very famous track has been around ever since the year 1927. Now, however, this track has fallen into the hands of a Russian businessman, Viktor Kharitonin. Well, that is the report from a Denmark site called WIWO is trustworthy and by the sound of it, it is trustworthy indeed.

As reported by the WIWO, Kharitonin has become the new main owner of the track after purchasing two thirds of the entire circuit. The remainder of the circuit in question, however, is in the safe hands of a company known as the GetSpeed. This is a firm with high expertise level when it comes to coaching drivers and organizing sporting events at the famous Nurburgring circuit.

Before the Russian businessman bought most of the track, it was the possession of a company known as the Capricorn Group. Yet, as of now, even this company is under the possession of the Russian man, Kharitonin. The man uses the NR Holding AG, his own company, to take over the Capricorn Group. Now, with a new owner, there are probabilities that the track may receive several changes for the better. However, until now, it is nothing but speculation.

Speaking of the Nurburgring, this is a very delicate track, with a total length of 12,944 miles. Situated in Germany, the track features forty right-hand corners as well as thirty three left-hand corners. Considering the delicacy of the track, F1 championship has been banned from being held here. The reason was the horrible accident of Niki Lauda back in August 1976.

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