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Peugeot Citroen Rebrands as PSA Group, Will Be Back to U.S. in a Decade

PSA Peugeot Citroen revealed recently that it has actually rebranded itself as PSA Group, and unveiled its “Push to Pass” growth strategy for the 2016-2021 duration. The strategy aims to meet consumers’ mobility requirements and prepares for changes in the way vehicles are being utilized. PSA likewise revealed its strategy to go back to the United States in one decade time. However, the brand says it will develop an early foothold in the market by releasing a mobility services operation by the year 2017.

PSA’s brand-new goals include a typical 4-percent repeating margin from 2016 to 2018, which will then be raised to 6 percent by 2021, deliver 10 percent group profits development by 2018, and target another 15 percent by 2021. The automaker is planning a product blitz consisting of 26 automobile, 8 light business cars, and a one-ton pickup that will result in the launch of the “one brand-new automobile, per area, per brand name, and each year” portion of the strategy. The strategy defines seven plug-in hybrid and 4 all-electric automobiles, as well as includes the launch of PSA’s self-driving and linked automobile program to help guarantee successful growth in all areas.

“Puss to Pass” is going to be PSA’s first step towards becoming an international automaker “with cutting edge efficiency and the preferred movement provider worldwide for lifetime consumer relationship”. Citroen will debut 12 worldwide models by 2021, with the very first seven vehicles to be released by 2018. DS, on the other hand, will have five global vehicles by 2021 and will target a particular group of premium automobile buyers. Peugeot will be placed near the higher end of mainstream brand names and focus on building “a best in class consumer experience”.

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