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Hyundai Preparing Connected Car That Would Repair Itself

Toyota has outlined plans to bring connected cars, and now it’s Hyundai’s time to go for a comparable commitment. As part of its plan, Hyundai is working on innovation that permits cars to spot maintenance problems and repair themselves.

In the short-term, Hyundai is concentrated on better linking mobile phones to cars, and it’s all part of the automaker’s new viewpoint to “connect cars to life”. However its longer-term objectives are more significant.

Hyundai visualizes connected vehicles with a “smart remote maintenance service” that can “remotely identify and repair vehicle concerns prior to they become apparent.” Other strategies include smart traffic technology and self-driving cars that communicate with road facilities.

Hyundai will utilize cloud technology to collect car data and provide calculating power. Lots of R&D will approach big information analytics that can allow big sets of data to be utilized better. What Hyundai calls a Mobility Hub will make sure security and information management for all components of a connected car.

As an end result of its efforts, Hyundai will introduce a “Hyper-connected and Intelligent Car” concept. The automaker will collaborate with global IT and networking companies to produce the car. So far, Hyundai has actually not given a timeline on when we might see these innovations, and has yet to unveil information on how the self-repairing systems may work.

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