Porsche Macan Officially Announced

The Porsche Macan (Indonesian for Tiger) has been officially announced. It was already a known fact that a baby Cayenne SUV was coming, but it was thought that it will do so under the name of Porsche Cajun. Porsche changed their mind, apparently, and went for Macan because it sounds goot in multiple languages and it evokes positive associations.

The Porsche Macan will, according to Porsche, “combine suppleness, power fascination and dynamics”. Sounds like any of your normal Porsche.

The Macan will be produced in the Porsche factory in Leipzig, Germany. The German manufacturer invested over 500 million euros in it.

This mini-SUV will be based on the model of the Audi Q5. The two models will have most of their elements in common, including the engines, transmission, traction control and others.

Porsche has also released a video of the Macan, and a sketch-picture.

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