Porsche makes new tire recommendations for a nearly 6 decades old car

Porsche has launched a list of upgraded tire suggestions for a range of old models, extending all the way back to the 356 B, which debuted in 1959. Overall, there are 32 new tire models on the list, covering Porsche’s 356, Boxster, 924, 928, 944, 968, and 911 models 964, 993 and also 996.

The impact of these tires, obviously, is that they still preserve the look of the originals however utilize modern-day products and manufacturing procedures, making them far much better for handling than the tires you might get 30 – 50 years ago.

This is the remarkable thing of an automaker that comprehends the collectibility of its older vehicles: it takes maintenance and preservation seriously, even decades after the guarantees have actually expired. Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and others have divisions dedicated to keeping classic automobiles fit; Porsche just recently devoted two press releases to a 911 restoration, and offers a variety of new parts like dashboards for long-discontinued models.

The brand-new tires are readily available now.

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