Porsche Prepping Fuel Cell and Electric Vehicles

by SpeedLux

The highly reputable automaker from the land of Germany, Porsche, is reported to be working on new vehicle models with unconventional powertrain. This had been unveiled by Ulrich Hackenberg, the chief of development at the German company, at a presentation that showcased VAG’s new models with alternative powertrains unlike what is usually used on most vehicles these days.

From the slides of the presentation presented by Hackenberg, it is not hard to see that the automaker Porsche is going to launch what it calls the Battery Electric Vehicle, or the BEV for short, first before launching other models. Then, after the launch of the BEV, it is said that the luxury German sports car manufacturer will also launch a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) model. Unfortunately, we can’t expect to have any further details about any of the models at the moment, not yet. However, rumor has it, there is quite a good chance that the Porsche BEV may actually come in the form of the long anticipated baby Panamera, which was also known as the Porsche Pajun formerly. Represented by the codename ‘717’, the car will allegedly take advantage of the MLB chassis and that its looks will be heavily inspired by the Porsche 911. Additionally, the car is expected to come with four instead of two doors.

The Porsche BEV will allegedly arrive in the oncoming 2019 and it is to benefit from a couple of electric motors. These motors will provide the car with a power output ranging from 400 to 600 bhp. In addition to that, the car is also going to feature the company’s torque vectoring all-wheel-drive (AWD) drivetrain that also supports inductive charging. Well, speaking of the Porsche BEV, or the 717, it seems like this is the company’s weapon to compete against the Model S EV from the US automaker, Tesla Motors.

Last but not least, if you pay close attention to the adjacent slideshow, you will also notice that both Volkswagen and Audi are going to launch FCEVs, only the date has yet to unfold.

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