Renault Teases the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo after Leakage

If you pay a visit to the official website of the PlayStation exclusive racing title, Gran Turismo, you will notice that there are some new images teasing the Renault Alpine Vision Gran Turismo vehicle model. It seems that the French automaker has decided that it is time it starts giving the public some hints as to what to expect from the company’s concept car designated for the Gran Turismo 6 racing title.

This is rather ironic, to be honest. Renault may think that what it is doing is only teasing its concept car mentioned above and that the public will know nothing more before the company officially unveils the vehicle completely. However, truth is, people have already known for sure what the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo will look like exactly. Thing is, one of the media from France had already published fully revealing images of the vehicle in question. The images were published some three weeks earlier. So, the official teaser images from Renault only confirm that the black and white images revealed by the French media some time ago were actually legitimate.

Speaking of this particular concept vehicle from the French automaker, it seems to be inspired a lot by the company’s R.S. 01 racecar and Eolab concept vehicles. Unfortunately, though, no further details are available, at least as of yet. Even on the official site of the Gran Turismo, all that is said is that the full images of the vehicle will come out soon, but the word ‘soon’ does not really represent many things. For one, though, there is a chance that the car will show up at the Festival Automobile International, which will take place during the Concept Cars exhibition event. This event is planned for January 28 to February 1, 2015 and it will be held in Paris, France, the home country of Renault.

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