Report: Lexus Plans GS-F To Go Hybrid And LFA Roadster To Debut In 2014?

Lexus teased us with astunning concept version back in 2008 and after that has returned in shadow. After three years of quiet, we hear some news about about Lexus’ future lineup. An detailed report suggests that the LFA Roadster is on track for a debut sometime in mid-2014.

The Japanese car maker will complete production of all 500 planned LFAs around the middle of 2013 upon which it will wait one year before launching the LFA Roadster, this according to Automotive News.

This debut will come with some changes as well and we can expect to see Lexus’ models significantly updated (either new sheet metal or powertrains) every three years or so, similar to what BMW does with its lineup at this time.

Lexus will firstly come with a redesigned GS due in showrooms at the end of the year and fter this model we’ll see a new IS range built on a shortened version of the new rear-wheel drive platform developed for the GS.

One of the most important information, which is revealed in this report, is that a high-performance GS-F model is being discussed, but with a hybrid drivetrain fitted instead of a conventional V-8. Beside this, in 2012 will be a facelifted HS 250h, which will stick with the current model’s nickel-metal hydride batteries, as well as a redesigned ES.

– 2013 – expect the introduction of a completely redesigned LS flagship sedan;
– 2014 – the introduction of the LFA Roadster and a redesigned RX crossover (according to the report)

Source: Motorauthority and Automotive News

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