Report: Long-Wheelbase Porsche Panamera Coming In 2012

Porsche is a part of automotive history and legend for its two-door sportscars, but that hasn’t stopped Porsche from veering slightly off its track. First, it built a sport-utility vehicle, the Cayenne. This year it’s introduced the Panamera, its first four-door car.

The rumor about Porsche developing a long-wheelbase version of its Panamera sedan has been circulating for a while, but now, Car Magazine reported that Porsche insiders have confirmed it will launch a long-wheelbase Panamera XXL in early 2012.

According to these sources, the new Panamera will sport a 150mm wheelbase extension to free up more space for rear-seat passengers.

The same report says that the Panamera will receive its first facelift in 2013, and that the German sports automaker is contemplating the development of a smaller sedan model, dubbed Pajun, to slot underneath the Panamera, just as the Cajun compact SUV will sit beneath the Cayenne 4×4.

Considering all these, it may make sense to add a four-seater coupé which would act as spiritual successor to the 928.

It may seem strange, but we’re still talking about the famous German company from Stuttgart, the same company that was once known by enthusiasts only for its unique sports cars.

Source: Carmagazine

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