Twin Turbo Gallardo Spyder Flybys [Video]

This mind-blowing Lamborghini was built by Heffner in Florida, and probably will be the “Poster Car” for many fans.

We already know what a Lamborghini can do and how great is it looking, but this Lambo is a bit different because not only is it a Twin Turbo Lamborghini, it’s a Spyder, and has a manual transmission. We can say that this is quite an unique combination.

It seems that a few months ago a friend of YouTube member Speedracer38 set up a Lamborghini event in New York. Nothing special so far. Well, there is something special, because one of the sports cars at the event was this madness 1,000hp Twin-Turbo Gallardo Spyder built by Heffner Performance in Florida.

In this project, nothing has been compromised by the owner, as it has been meticulously modified with extreme attention to detail. The final result can be seen here. The clip below shows the car doing some flybys on a wet track so there was not a lot of traction for a high speed run and still the car and also the driver manage to keep on track.

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  1. Just like a bullet …….. even faster

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