Rolls-Royce wants to be seen as ‘cool’

Rolls-Royce seems to have determined to attract the younger generation. And with that in mind, it has decided to rebrand itself as ‘cool’. Recently the company has apparently appointed a PR agency in order to rebrand the company’s image as ‘cool’ and hence appealing to the youth in general. Rolls-Royce has a queen-mobil image as of now. The shift of image appears to stem out of the company’s desire to make its latest 2010 Ghost sedan to appear young and wealthy to the customers.

It appears that British luxury car manufacturer has for first time decided to work with external PR agencies for rebranding. A Rolls-Royce source has informed the news agencies that, “It’s not something we’ve done in the UK before, but we’d be very interested in hearing any ideas from agencies.”

Source: 4wheelsnews

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