Audi Q7s to go for size reduction

Audi seem to have decided to go smaller with the next generation cars sporting the 4 rings, something that stems out of an important realization they have made – that big cars these days do not seem to offer a promising future. According to an Ingolstadt source, the new Audi A8 is likely to be last model to be larger than the preceding vehicle manufactured by the company. Audi seems to have learnt a lesson and manufacture less aggressively styled smaller sport utility vehicles.

This inclination of Audi to manufacture smaller SUVs appears to have resulted from the dropping Q7 sales in 2009. Besides, it is important to note that the price of gasoline is also on the rise thereby increasing the cost of owning a big car. Audi is exploring options to reduce fuel consumption by using a high-strength steel platform that would reduce the Q7’s weight by a maximum of 550 pounds though this alone can’t bring down the fuel consumptions figures considerably. There is an alternative in the form of an aluminum frame architecture that is expected to reduce weight by almost 1100 pounds but then, the price of it is prohibitive high. So its a gamble as of now between cars that might cost less but will remain gas guzzlers or cars that will consume less fuel but with an astronomical price tag.

In Europe alone, the Q7 did not deliver any positive results favorable to car companies. The market trends are changing and the adage, size does matter, des not seem to hold for cars anymore. As the trend is toward economizing fuel consumption Audi has let its intentions known of introducing two new versions of its future Q7. The first one is expected to be an XXL, which is a seven-seater car and is meant for sale in China, the Middle East, and North America market. The second version is a compact five-seater car for Europe and the rest of the world. Audi however, is not sure about the success with these new plans in increasing sales. Hence, the plans are withheld until the company comes out with a concrete plan to increase potential sales.

Source: topspeed

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