In Russia, Public Bus Can Be Your Craziest Night Club Ever!

by SpeedLux

It seems that the Russians really know how to make life a lot more exciting. They seem to have all sorts of crazy ideas for this purpose. Believe it or not, this time, the Russians have figured out that a public bus should not stop them from having nighttime parties. Therefore, some very wealthy entrepreneurs from the St. Petersburg, Russia, have now created what should prove to be the craziest mobile night club ever in the world, the BarBus Maxi. Mind you, this night club is in fact a very old bus, the Ikarus 280 retro bus!

Despite its old age, the BarBus Maxi features everything you can possibly expect from a well-established night club. These include a lounge, a bar that is fully stocked, a dance floor where you can dance to the music at the night and a toilet is even available, too! As it turns out, this classic Ikarus bus has been completely torn apart and only its original frame remains.

On the exterior, the BarBus Maxi is covered with a black-and-white film depicting images of models in addition to the beautiful landscapes that you can find in New York and London. The interior, on the other hand, is decorated with things like mirrored lighting, air conditioning units, smoke machine, TV sets, high back leather sofas, professional lighting, DJ equipment and even quite a few vintage style wall phones.

This Russian mobile night club is scheduled to wander around the streets of Russia every single night and it will be more than happy to pick up anyone from the street, anyone who wants to enjoy potentially the best night club experience ever. And, in case you have excessive money lying around, you can also rent this particular bus. Who knows you want to throw some bachelor party of sorts, eh? For that, however, you will have to pay five to nine thousand rubles, which are equivalent to approximately $120 to $214. The exact sum to pay will depend on what day you want to rent the bus and for how many hours you want to rent it. Well, the next time you go to Russia, you may want to make sure that you visit the BarBus Maxi.

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