Sales Volume Of New Cars In UK Has Increased By 3 Percent In January

London's busy roads

On Monday, a car industry unit reported that the number of registrations for new car in British is increased by 2.9 percent in January, whereas this is marked as gradual increase due to the strong demand from private consumers for last 10 months despite the fear that Brexit would hit the target sales volume in cool fashion.

As per the detailed statistical analysis, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said that the car the sales volume has reached 174,564 units last month in Europe’s second largest market, while this is pointed as a 5 percent increase in sales.

Some of the analysts predict that the British car market would perceive reduction of around 5 percent in this year, after two years of recorded high demand leading to wider uncertainty, on the other hand this is due to the increase in price of some models and decrease in pound value of Brexit.

All these scenarios are due to the largest demand from business consumers for fleet cars, and this has remarked as the biggest proportion of overall registrations, while increasing the sales growth in January after marginal fall in December.

According to this report, the UK market leader Ford has their registrations raised by 3.3 percent in January, the second is Vauxhall has dropped 9 percent, while sales at the third top Mercedes-Benz has raised by 7.4 percent, and fourth top Volkswagen hit a 7.5 percent increase.

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