October 24, 2020

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    2016 Suzuki Mighty Deck images

    On Monday, Suzuki Motor, one of the leading manufacturer in automobile industry has reported that in spite of the expected operating profit value in the third quarter of the year, they yielded higher profit which has the possibility of leading to better margin, whereas the sales volume is strongly maintained in the biggest market, India. This made the automaker to aim on a good overall margin value.

    Suzuki Motor, the fourth-largest automaker of Japan informed that the operating profit has risen to 51.9 billion yen ($461.13 million) in October-December, which is a greater increase from last year operating profit i.e. 45.1 billion yen. This result has also exceeded the median forecast of 43.66 billion yen, while the forecast result is from 10 experts in a Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S/ poll.

    The profit forecast for the complete year by Suzuki Motor is estimated to be 145.0 billion yen which remained unchanged, and this is slightly lesser than a median forecast of 147.78 billion yen drawn from 10 experts in a Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S/ poll.

    Suzuki, who is the leading specialists in manufacturing ultra-compact cars, is benefited from the strong demand for its higher-margin vehicles in India, and it has the major part, around half of its total global sales volume. This was also the main reason for slower sales volume at the home region and also in the other Asian regions.


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