Geely Automobile doubles profit on next-gen car sales increase

Geely automobile holding

China’s Geely Automobile Holding, whose unlisted parent controls Volvo, on Wednesday stated net profit more than doubled in last year, the most significant increase in 8 years as sales of its next-generation of automobiles overtook expectations. The Hangzhou-based automaker stated in a stock market filing that net profit for 2016 increased 126 percent to 5.1 […]

Third Quarter Profit Calculation Of Suzuki Has Exceeded The Forecasted Value, Aims For Better

2016 Suzuki Mighty Deck images

On Monday, Suzuki Motor, one of the leading manufacturer in automobile industry has reported that in spite of the expected operating profit value in the third quarter of the year, they yielded higher profit which has the possibility of leading to better margin, whereas the sales volume is strongly maintained in the biggest market, India. […]

Toyota still remains biggest automaker when it comes to practical statistics

Toyota Motor logo

Car enthusiasts, journalists and financial experts pay a great deal of focus on unit-car stats, however investors shouldn’t– just look at Volkswagen‘s rise to the top of the official league table of producers. Toyota Motor, which surpassed General Motors in the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers’ ranking in 2008 for the first time, revealed […]

Europe sees rise in green car sales

green car

The sales of vehicles alternative to fuel based are increasing in Europe. The sales volume of battery-powered, fuel-cell, and rechargeable hybrid care is increased by 206,000 at the end of 2016 in Europe. Among all these, the plug-in hybrid technology was popular because of its sales volume being 113,000 registered vehicles which is 17.2 % […]