Security of tomorrow- Audi’s engineering offensive Part 4

by Sweta

Already in series production, Audi Pre Sense Plus with a system that will mitigate the consequences of a collision. Here is registered by the sensor is an inevitable crash, there is an autonomous emergency braking, which degrades up to 40 km / h speed before the crash. While it would be through earlier and stronger brakes already technically possible to prevent the accident, but uses the pre-sense plus ahead in principle that the driver still has the possibility of evasion.

Audi is therefore working on a stage, to ensure the full automatic delays above 65 km / hr. The core is a new laser scanner that can scan a large opening angle of a particularly wide area in front of the vehicle. If you drive, for example, on a three-lane motorway in a traffic jam, which offers no possibility of escape more, this is detected by the laser scanner and the vehicle is decelerated to 0 km / h. Detects the laser scanner, however, a possibility of escape shall instruct the driver to brake or dodge.


Another complementary scenario for autonomous crash avoidance is pre Sensecity brakes. Here comes a PMD-called photonic mixer is used, which detects moving objects such as standing and this sunlight, even in darkness, rain and strong. In the speed range up to 65 km / h, the pre-sense warns the driver of hazards by City braking impulse and dissolves in the inevitable event of emergency braking, which takes out up to 30 km / h from the crash. In addition, pre Sensecity still a pedestrian detection, which can initiate, for example in front of the car suddenly an emergency stop and prevent children running at speeds below 30 km / h in an accident.

Audi should bring these various systems still under development into production, probably in the armored vehicles so that the risk of accidents continues to decline. But absolutely sure that the car still would not. Audi has therefore also even thought about improvements in passive safety. Here are also located in a production-based development stage adaptive restraint systems, estimated before the crash in which the severity of the accident and will be adjusted accordingly, the belt tensioners and force the air volume for the airbags to the expected crash scenario suggests.

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