It’s Where You Sell your Car That Matters Most

by SpeedLux
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It’s February, and that means next month there will be new cars rolling onto the forecourts with spanking new license plates that show this year’s model. That’s only one reason why you may be selling you car, though. It may be that you are starting a family, growing your family, have a landed a job with company cars, want something faster or won the lotto. Whatever your reasons you are selling your car, it is a tough market out there, which is why we have compiled a list of different ways in which you can sell your car. After all, this is tricky question to answer.


Private Sale

Gone are the days of putting an advert in the back of the local paper, or the Yellow Pages or Free Ad’s magazine, because we now live in a world completely ruled by the internet. But even with this advancement in technology, selling your car privately still comes with its pros and cons. The main pro is the price. You are almost guaranteed to get the best price selling privately. However, the amount of work required to sell privately is still a major con, even with websites like AutoTrader and Pistonheads. There is writing the ad, getting the technical specifications right, dealing with a myriad of calls and texts and emails, dealing with time-wasters and tire-kickers. You’ll also have to make sure you market the car at the right price, one that will see you net a nice lump sum while still be realistic enough to attract potential buyers. You’ll also want to make you car look as close to new as possible. Yes, it may have 90,000 miles on the clock, but a newly cleaned and waxed car that has been professionally cleaned on the inside as well is going to fetch you a better price.



This route comes with pros and cons too, although they are exactly the opposite of selling privately. You may not get the highest price, but you will get rid of your car quicker than you can snap your fingers. It is a hassle free way of selling your car. What’s more, with the amount of competition out there is the cash for cars market, you’ll be surprised at how much you can barter. What happens is, they give you an estimate based on age, mileage, condition and all that, and then either confirm or rethink that offer when they see it in the flesh. Either way, they will buy your car; it is just a matter of how much they will buy it for.

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This has to be the most fun way of selling your car. What’s more, it’s relatively safe too given you can set a reserve price on your vehicle. That means either it won’t sell or it will sell for more than you want, which is a bonus. Of course, there are fees that come with this route as it costs money to enter your car into an auction, which means there is an element of risk to think about. That’s why it is important to set a realistic figure. Most people go to auctions to find a cheap motor, a rare motor or a collectible, so consider which of these categories your car falls into and go from there.

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