Smart glass turns automobile windows into mobile video screens

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Israeli startup Gauzy has made an entire new level of driving interruption. It’s called “smart glass” and it turns the windows of your vehicle into video displays that can play targeted localized details.

“This is in fact the first time that a vehicle window is not simply a vehicle window, it’s also a full-blown display that can be used for smart messaging,” stated Gauzy CEO Eyal Peso of the new technology.

The setup is mainly like the regular safety glass seen in car windows, however bonded with ultra-thin LCDs functioned by the electrical system in the vehicle. They look similar to regular windows-see-through and all-when the vehicle is running. When the vehicle is parked and shut off, however, they become HD tv screens.

In this application, just the side and rear windows will be smart. The windshield will stay a dull old piece of safety glass.

Peso stated they would display details that “can let passers-by understand of close-by attractions, offer you a lot of information. It’s location-based obviously. The car knows where it’s at, so it can promote details that belongs and pertinent to the location.” So, essentially, your vehicle will develop into a billboard.

By the way, one of the first vehicle brands to obtain smart glass tech could be Smart. Gauzy states they’re dealing with Daimler to establish a real-life application for this futuristic innovation. This isn’t the first time we have heard this concept, however it’s most likely the closest we have gotten up until now to mass production of smart glass.

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