Special Backup Cameras For All Models Of New Cars In The United States From 2018

The United States has decided to install backup cameras for all new model cars from 2018 this is to provide additional security for the traveling passengers. The drivers would have the advantage of rear visibility and this would be helpful in preventing road accidents.

In recent times, the automobile accidents are increasing in the United States and with the new federal standard, the automobile companies have to produce new cars, with the backup cameras and this will take effect from mid 2018.The secretary of Transport, Mr. Anthony Foxx feels that the children and the senior citizens have to be saved from tragic automobile road accidents.

The new federal law would certainly reduce car accidents and addition; it would be very comfortable for the drivers of cars to drive with safety.

This law would be applicable for the vehicles that are with under ten thousand pounds and of course, the luxury cars have rear backup cameras.

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