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SsangYong Korando- Phoenix from the ashes Part 1

SsangYong twice in Germany had already begun; the South Koreans have twice failed. Whether it was because of the cars, or at the wrong partners – the first time, Daewoo had a hand in, then the Kroymans Group – is an open question. SsangYong dares now the third attempt, hopefully with more success. The first new model of Koreans is in any case for it.

Korando is the new mid-size SUV, want to reclaim the Koreans with the German market – an auspicious name, you can read it for Korando “Korea can do”. Brand new soft-roader is not of, he rolled out in other markets since 2009 on the streets, but this is not handed to him at a disadvantage; the teething problems seem to be expelled.

Attractive bodywork

Quite different than many dared subscribed SsangYong past – just think of the Actyon – the Korando comes to the pleasing, very European-grade sheet metal dress. No wonder, but the Italian design studio Italdesign of Giorgetto Giugario fingers in the Korando game. The interior is impressive; the dashboard is clearly laid out, does the processing on any gross defects and gives it enough shelves. Only the instruments reflecting a little disturbing.

Surprisingly abundant precipitation of the space, even after drivers with more than 1.90 meters tall, it can still sit in the back seat comfortably. Standard in the driver’s seat is height adjustable, padded pews is comfortable and the side support is sufficient. Another standard feature allows the rear seat folded down asymmetrically split, so turns the 486 liter trunk in a 1312 gallon luggage compartment with a flat load floor.

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