SsangYong Korando- Phoenix from the ashes Part 2

Joyful and automatic  Ten seconds of the standard sprint, rather below-average 179 km / h as top speed is SsangYong; class conventional values. By replacing the manual six-speed manual gearbox with the six-speed automatic transmission, the acceleration takes longer to 100 while a brief second, then runs for the Korando and 186 km / h – but consumes 1.2 liters more unspeakable, namely 7.3 liters per 100 kilometers. A few tenths of it are each more if you orders the optional all-wheel drive. Although the Korando is then usually only as a front-wheel drive road, but will if necessary, a portion of the force transmitted to the rear axle. By pressing a button, the power distribution on both axes can also force up to a speed of 40 km / h. Regardless of the drive way of Korando may take up to two tons. A few dealers However, if you want to drive Korando, one first has to find SsangYong dealer. 40 is currently available in Germany until the end of 2012 it will be 150th If you have found one, rich 22 990 € for the 2WD Korando in the basic equipment – for an SUV of this size is a reasonable price. Are on board including 16-inch aluminum wheels, power mirrors, power windows, cruise control, CD radio with USB port, a manual air conditioning, a heated windshield and airbags all around and the already mentioned ESP. The equipment is better for € 24 490 (Quartz), or at 25 990 € (Sapphire) have four-wheel drive will cost € 2,000 each charge, the automatic 1500 €. In addition to a sunroof (1,000 €) and metallic paint (500 euros) the transmission alternative is already the only item on the special equipment list. A fully equipped Korando is therefore to be had for under 31,000 euros. Gimmicks, such as a rearview camera, a dead angle-Warner or an elaborate multimedia system even though one looks in vain.

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