Study: Drivers can save £2billion by getting their car MOT tested

by SpeedLux
MOT test MOT tested

An automobile service can be an expensive experience for vehicle owners, specifically if the garage conducting the arranged maintenance check finds several problems with your vehicle.

However, vehicle owners can prevent these enormous expenses merely by having their MOT test before the service, a new research study notes.

Automobile repair start-up Motoreasy said that lots of issues must be recognized during the required checks as part of the MOT test, saving owners from spending for labor costs in a service that balance at ₤ 77 per hour.

Motoreasy inspected its database of 20,000 automobiles and discovered that 80 percent of problems determined during a service would likewise be flagged in the MOT test.

It implies mechanics performing service work are needlessly duplicating work that could have been performed during MOT test – a move that is striking motorists in the pocket.

The typical MOT test takes around an hour, according to the car-maintenance company, indicating that an hour’s worth of labor could be saved in any subsequent service.

Previous month, MotorEasy revealed that the typical UK per hour labor rate is ₤ 77 – and sometimes it is as high as ₤ 230.

Considering that almost 29 million MOT tests were carried out in the year 2015 to 2016, as per the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), drivers are possibly handing over ₤ 2.2 billion on labor expenses that could be avoided.

Motoreasy likewise said that the MOT was a much better measure of faults that needed to be corrected urgently.

‘MOT testers are two times as most likely to pass a vehicle that must have stopped working (19.3 per cent) than to incorrectly fail an automobile (8 percent), indicating that if a driver’s lorry stops working the test, it is more likely to have a genuine fault that needs attention,’ it stated.

The MOT test covers the following significant areas: bodywork, steering, suspension, emissions and brake performance.

That simply leaves any hidden leakages and planned renewal items, such as oil, filters, spark plugs and transmission oils, as the main points that would be covered by the service.

The most typical service items that would be flagged throughout the MOT are problems with windshield wipers, lights, suspension parts, tires and brakes, the data stated.

Last month, the same company evaluated its database to recognize the locations around the nation where labor costs for maintenance were highest.

It discovered that Surrey was most costly at ₤ 81.07 per hour typically – nearly ₤ 4 an hour more expensive than London.

₤1 = $1.27

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Renault Servicing Morley July 6, 2017 - 7:56 am

Although it seems a hassle at the time. In the long run, it not only saves you money, it also gives you the security of knowing your car is safe for you and your family to use. Great article, thanks for sharing!


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