American Airlines and Delta Air Lines suspend flights related to China

Delta Air Lines

American Airlines and Delta Air Lines suspend all flights to and from China as the virus called coronavirus spreads. Delta stated it will suspend flights between the United States and China beginning on Sunday until at least April 30, according to a press release. American Airlines has canceled all flights to mainland China. It confirmed […]

Trump administration to increase fuel economy standards, well below Obama plan


The Trump administration is making a concession on its proposed minimum fuel economy standard for new vehicles, but environmental groups and a key Democratic senator are not happy that it does not go far enough, and still falls well below the standards set under the Obama administration. Fuel economy standards would boost 1.5% per year […]

Trump administration won’t turn over auto import investigation report

Donald Trump

The Trump administration is snubbing Congress by rejecting to turn over a report detailing a probe into national security risks possibly posed by imported vehicles and auto parts, citing pending international negotiations and executive branch deliberations. Congress added a provision in a spending bill earlier month demanding the White House turn over the long-secret government […]

Automakers to pay nearly $3 billion in new U.S. tariffs under USMCA


U.S. President Donald Trump’s modification of North American trade rules will cost automakers almost $3 billion more in tariffs during the next decade for cars and parts that will not meet higher regional content requirements during the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) calculated. The estimate was contained in the non-partisan budget referee agency’s […]

Chinese ambassador allegedly threatened German car industry if Huawei is frozen out

Volkswagen factory Wolfsburg Germany

The Chinese ambassador in Berlin has caused a new controversy that concerns the tech giant Huawei after he allegedly threatened “consequences” if it was excluded from Germany. Wu Ken’s comments – in which he indicated the importance of the Chinese market to Germany’s auto industry – came amid an intense debate regarding the company’s role […]

U.S. will finalize new fuel-efficiency rules next year, says Trump

Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump stated on Friday that his administration will finalize its rollback of Obama-era automobile emissions standards next year and expected it would provoke the latest legal challenge by California. The administration had pointed out in recent months it could finalize its proposed revisions to the requirements prior to the end of 2019. […]

Brouillette, former Ford lobbyist, confirmed as energy secretary

The U.S. Senate on Monday confirmed Dan Brouillette, a former top lobbyist for Ford Motor who believes fossil fuels can power a large part of world energy requirements for many decades, as President Donald Trump’s second energy secretary. The Republican-controlled Senate verified Brouillette 70-15. Brouillette will take the place of Rick Perry, who stepped down […]

Trump nominates former Ford executive to be new U.S. energy secretary

The U.S. Department of Energy stated on Thursday that President Donald Trump had officially nominated Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette, a former vice president of Ford Motor and Louisiana state energy regulator, to lead the department. If confirmed by the Senate, Brouillette will take the position of Rick Perry, who stated last month he would […]

Trump will not impose tariffs on European vehicles, says EU chief

The United States is not going to announce tariffs on European vehicles next week, stated Jean-Claude Juncker, the outgoing president of the European Commission. U.S. President Donald Trump has until November 13 to decide if he should apply new duties on European automakers. This after Trump argued in May that U.S. imports of European vehicles […]

GM, Fiat Chrysler and Toyota thanked by Trump on California emissions fight

Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump has thanked General Motors, Toyota Motor, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and other significant automakers for “standing with” his efforts to block California from setting its own vehicle emissions regulations for cars and trucks. “California has treated the Auto Industry very poorly for many years, harming Workers and Consumers,” Trump tweeted. The automakers’ […]

Ex-governor criticizes GM for backing Trump on tailpipe emissions

california road

Former California Governor Jerry Brown criticized General Motors Co on Tuesday for taking side with the Trump administration in its bid to block California from setting its own fuel efficiency and tailpipe emission regulations for passenger cars and trucks. “It’s really something at this very moment when California is burning that General Motors jumps on […]