Car rally by Trump supporters in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, California

Trump supporters turn out for car rally in San Fernando Valley, California

With Election Day just around the corner, supporters of US President Donald Trump took to the streets of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, California, for a cheerful car rally.

The procession on Sunday afternoon started at Taft High School and then made its way along Ventura Boulevard and some other streets.

Participating cars were equipped with flags and signs, including several RVs.

On Saturday, Beverly Hills police declared an illegal assembly at the site of another rally in support of Trump.

Trump supporters gathered near the Beverly Hills sign on Santa Monica Boulevard, with some of them waving American flags and pro-Trump banners.

The unlawful assembly was declared following a counter-protester reportedly got into a fight with a pro-Trump supporter near the city sign in Beverly Gardens Park, but no arrests were made.

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