Mercedes-AMG Project ONE Hypercar To Be Priced At $2.5 Million

Dieter Zetsche at Geneva Motor Show

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes-AMG official, Tobias Moers, has confirmed some of details on the upcoming Project ONEhybrid hypercar that’s set to debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. For beginners, Autocar reports that the hypercar’s cost remains in the $2.5 million range. Further verified by Moers was that the hypercar would have […]

New Whip: Rolling Like A Billionaire

Ford Mustang Turbocharged

The auto industry is hotter than ever with some seriously awesome cars hitting the market.  Most of us dream about jumping in our Ferrari and cruising down town before settling outside a fancy restaurant and eating the finest steak, whilst watching the world admire our prestige whip.  In reality though, we park four blocks away […]