German Transport Ministry orders investigation of Porsche emissions

Due to VW's emissions scandal Porsche will stop selling one of its best-selling SUVs

The German Transport Ministry has asked the KBA watchdog firm to analyze the emissions of automaker Porsche, a ministry representative stated on Monday following a vital media report. German newsmagazine Der Spiegel reported on Friday that diesel designs of Porsche’s Cayenne V6 TDI, an SUV model, had much greater emissions than lawfully permitted. The company […]

South Korea submits complaint against Nissan, investigates two others

South Korea has submitted a complaint against Nissan Motor‘s South Korean unit declaring that the Japanese automaker manipulated the fuel economy test results of its Infiniti Q50 sedan, a government official stated on Tuesday. The transport ministry is also examining BMW and Porsche on a comparable matter, the official, Koh Sung-woo, informed Reuters. The Seoul […]

Volkswagen lawyer states 3.0L diesel cars will likely be repaired, not bought back

Volkswagen logo

A Lawyer for Europe’s biggest automaker, Volkswagen, informed a United States district judge today that the automaker will most likely be able to repair the 85,000 outstanding 3.0 L diesel Verandas, Audis, and Volkswagens that were likewise discovered to flout emissions regulations, following discoveries that almost 500,000 2.0 L diesel cars were built with unlawful […]