The all new Audi Q3 SUV to mke its European debut this fall. Will come equipped with 2.0 TFSI and TDI Engines

The smallest SUV from the Ingolstadt based automaker, the Audi Q3 model is yet under wraps and it is indeed commendable for Audi to have been able to maintain it so. However, with the launch time coming closer there are leaks and some inside source has confirmed that the launch would be affected in the […]

VW wants to add more options in its SUV line-up, is aiming a three fold rise in U.S. sales by 2018

Volkswagen is taking large leaps towards their dream of attaining the title of being the largest automaker in this whole wide world. Now, what is the only mantra to succeed in fulfilling this very wish? Sell a lot more cars and give the sales curve that extra steep slope. The auto mobile manufacturers from Germany […]