VW wants to add more options in its SUV line-up, is aiming a three fold rise in U.S. sales by 2018

Volkswagen is taking large leaps towards their dream of attaining the title of being the largest automaker in this whole wide world. Now, what is the only mantra to succeed in fulfilling this very wish? Sell a lot more cars and give the sales curve that extra steep slope. The auto mobile manufacturers from Germany are just about ready to get their sales in America undergo a multiplication by three in the coming seven years. This is strategy that will surely lead them to success. Again the mantra behind this expansion in America is to have a longer and better line up of SUVs ready to race down the American roads. They have to compete hard with the likes of General Motors and Toyota in this department.

In an interview to Bloomberg news, chief of the U.S. segment of Volkswagen Jonathan Browning stated that their growth will be based on primarily the compact SUV segment. He further stated that the company will be looking ahead for development in the larger SUV segment as well.

Now number wise VW has managed to shell out 20,946 units of Tiguans and 4,713 of Touaregs in the United States last year itself. But then, this is similar to a bucket of water in a vast sea, given that the total number of SUVs that have been sold in the United States last year was close to 3.3 million approximately.

The director of the Center of Automotive Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Bergisch-Gladbach in Germany, Mr. Stefan Bratzel has stated that VW is not just playing around with the SUV models, rather they are serious contenders. Its just that the SUV models are not being rightfully recognized.

Toyota and General Motors are at the top of their game in the US with their respective SUV models. So why would someone choose VW ahead of them unless they provide the customers with something brand new. Well ‘new’ is what VW is producing with their concept of New Mid-Size Sedan (NMS). This is supposedly a new structure developed by the company that is all set to make its debut appearance at this year’s edition of North American International Auto Show.

The car is still un-named and will look forward to a prosperous opening. The car will be manufactured at the VW factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The car is all set to hit the showrooms and expect the deliveries to start by Q3 of 2011.

Source: carscoop

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