Teaser Images of Production Version Acura NSX Released

Acura fans may have been disappointed quite a number of times by the company, especially when it comes to the NSX super sports car. Before today, the vehicle model had actually been previewed many times and yet, it has yet to get the green light for mass production. However, perhaps this is bound to change pretty soon. The company has now re-announced about its NSX, now dubbed as the 2016 model year vehicle. Unlike before, the car will now bow to the public as a final production version during the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, which is slated to open its doors come January 12, 2015.

Acura, the luxury division owned by the Japanese automaker Honda, has also released quite a few teaser images. Judging by the images, the odds are high that the final production version will remain true to its original concept. Now this is something good to hear because most of the time, the final production version of a vehicle can be considered way too far from its original concept.

The car, however, is currently being considered as a second generation model despite the fact that its first generation has not even been officially put on sale up to now. Nonetheless, for this 2nd generation NSX, Acura is promising to deliver the ultimate performance that becomes the heart of a reenergized brand. In addition to that, the automaker claims that customers will also get to enjoy a new sports experience while driving the car. The company also claims that the new Acura NSX will feature a Sport Hybrid power unit with twin turbochargers, three motors and that the vehicle will prove to be a supercar centered on humans, not the other way round.

The very stunning design of the 2016 Acura NSX is the delicate work performed by the company’s global engineering team under the lead of its North American R&D division located in Raymond, Ohio. The aforementioned division works in close collaboration with the Acura Design Studio which is situated at Torrance, California, to make the NSX super sports car even possible at all.

Reports suggest that the 2016 Acura NSX will have the price tag of the Audi R8 yet with the performance of the Ferrari 458 Italia. However, in spite of its high price tag, in the UK alone, the model has already been sold out.

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