Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory revisited

Gigafactory, Nevada

After months of on going construction, Tesla’s giant Gigafactory located in Sparks, Nevada invited guests and members of journalism for a celebratory grand opening occasion recently. To be exact, it will still take a couple of more years before building and construction on the factory is completed, but Tesla was comfy enough with the development it has already made to give the world a little a glimpse inside the enormous structure.

While the opening of a factory may appear uneventful if not completely boring in a basic sense, Tesla’s Gigafactory is anything however common. Aside from being a physically remarkable structure, the Gigafactory’s presence in and of itself is plays an important role in Tesla’s mission to produce over 500,000 cars each year by 2020. To fulfill that wish, Tesla requires a whole lot of batteries; and due to the fact that no company on earth can handle the level of battery production Tesla needed, the company up and decided to develop its own battery factory, an enormous structure called the Gigafactory.

Construction of Gigafactory will cost $5 billion. Building and construction began in early in mid-May of 2014. Tesla now utilizes 1,000 employees who are on the task, seven days a week on 2 shifts in an effort to begin producing lithium-ion cells by late 2016. Factory will run on 100% renewable resource. Gigafactory will employ 6,500 employees by the year of 2020.

If all goes according to strategy, the Gigafactory will ultimately double the present level of worldwide lithium-ion battery production.

The Gigafactory will be the biggest structure on the planet The Gigafactory measures in at 5.5 million square feet, easily making it the greatest structure worldwide when it comes to physical footprint. The closest structure to the Gigafactory is Boeing’s Everett factory in Washington state with a square video footage of about 4.3 million.

To put the size of the Gigafactory into viewpoint, the following chart thanks to Visual Capitalist lays things out clearly.

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